Black and White Studies

A variety of subject captured in Black and White. Demonstrating texture & strong composition.

Size 10 Envelopes
The Ark
Sensuous Ice
Ice Giant
The Watchers
Ice Bridge
Ice Cave Entrance
Ice Formation, Pere Marquete Park, Muskegon, Michigan
A 10 Warthog
The Aquarama
A Black Hole
The Dinosaur Petting Zoo
Dual 50 Cal.
F 17
Giant Lawn Dart
Missile Destroyer
Old 1223 Running the Rails
Smiling C 5 Galaxy
Air Show Wing Walkers
Orchid With Black Wings
Exploded Cat Tails
Lilies in my back yard.
Alo Plant Monster
Alo looks dangerous.
Young Hostess
Lilies of the Valley
Iris Leaves Defying Gravity
Razor Sharp
Garden Havoc
Iris Leaves
Garden Havoc II
Flowering Yucca Plant 
Easter Lily 1
Easter Lily 2
Easter Lily 3
Fire Works
Plant Leaf Study
Plant Leaf Study 3
Oriental Lily 1
Oriental Lily 2
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